Requirement- and Testmanagement for Enterprise Architect®


add4Q combines the advantages of Enterprise Architect using the power of UML and the established method of structured development processes. The outstanding feature in add4Q is the Editor. It converts UML packages, with all its attributes, properties and content into a document view and is making it editable like common documents.

Thus add4Q combines the disciplines of document management, requirements- and test engineering with Enterprise Architect in an intuitive, easy-to-use application. add4Q is realized as a suite of modular plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with Enterprise Architect.

Essentially, add4Q is serving the demand of documentation, trace reports and the objective evidence of test coverage and test execution in projects with safety-related aspects.

add4Q at a Glance

add4Q’s modular composition enables time-saving teamwork, because jobs can run parallel.


Create and publish any kind of specifications, reports and accompanying documents and get documents from packages as well.


Well prepared and structured document-reviews, including auto-versioning and digital signatures.


Quick and safe darg&drop linking of requirements and realization objects with corresponding test cases. Auto-validty-check for error prevention.


One-Click trace reports on the entire project, lining up all the errors from 13 configurable categories, including exceptions.


Get the whole way and connections a requirement takes throughout its evaluation in one picture. It's a smart way of doing impact analysis.


Provides a comfortable suite to create and run test sceneries in an early stage and get back automated test reports directly in Enterprise Architect.

Advantage and Benefit

It depends on your skills and role in the project wherefrom you’ll benefit best.

  • Everybody, regardless his experience in UML and EA, can work in EA and push the project.
  • 100% round trip engineering between Enterprise Architect and add4Q elements.
  • Prevention from document and requirements erosion, because everything is working on the EA repository exclusively.
  • Instant progress control from one click trace and test reports.
  • Impact analysis in a browsable diagram, to follow up where changes will take effect.
  • Built in document reviews to ensure valid documents for product certification.
  • Template controlled document export to MS-Word ® with a single click.
  • Effort for trainings below one day!
  • You can easily have 1000 requirements in a readable document, but you will not get 50 ones into a well-arranged diagram.

Over all 
you will have less misunderstanding, shortened project durations, a reliable development process and not at least a valid document folder.